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From cop shop to pot shop! Vashon Times has been extremely fortunate to be able to open up on such a beautiful island full of many happy community members and such a unique atmosphere you really couldn’t find anywhere else. It warms our heart that what used to be the courtroom people would get in trouble for doing the exact same thing we are today, is now a judgment-free zone where responsible adults can get their products legally.

Quite a few people have asked us why we chose Vashon Island to open our little cannabis shop, and the answer was always simple to us, to help educate people of the medical benefits cannabis has to offer in a community that a lot of people have found the need to use the products. Our company and owners have always been more about giving the people what they personally need to enjoy or heal themselves instead of trying to offload anything that we pick up just to make a few dollars.

With the average age of our clients being 55+, we felt Vashon was the perfect place to put our medically forward store into action and bring the variety and selection that people have had to travel off-island for to a close distance to their homes without intruding on the city. So far we have had a lot of success and a lot of fun bringing CBD and other cannabis products to the people that really need it here.

We have the widest selection and some of the most knowledgeable staff in the industry, including a few locals like a local Vashon i502 grower and two 5th generation islanders. We carry products ranging from Flower, Edibles, Topicals, Full CBD Items, hash and hash oils, even crazy things like coffee! Come check us out any time and you will never be disappointed.

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